Tuesday, October 27

Mr. Greenwells first movie completed, it's on Youtube.

Mr. Greenwell requested that the original movie is to be spitted to 10 min sections and re-posted to youtube.com. Completed the first one, you can see the example on www.youtube.com/alboz1966 video channel.

Monday, October 19

Don Greenwell and Music for Success

Dr. Greenwell wants me to promote his motivational speech cdrom which can be obtain from his site at : www.donaldgreenwell.com or wellforever.net and poetryforever.net

what I did, at first; I ripped the cdrom to my hd, converted to cd quality mp3 , 44 khz 128 bit file , created a movie file using his picture as the movie visual which I touched up and removed the flash glares and other art effects and I uploded to Youtube but after a long upload, youtube remind me that the file size is 10 min of video but the movie I have is over half hour so I placed it on to my myspace.com video gallery and they have no limit. How can freedom of speech can have a 10 min limit I thought which youtube claims all for it..

well without further due I present you Dr. Greenwell's motivational music extravaganza movie/sound track...

Music for Success success Forever

Al | MySpace Video

Saturday, October 10

Super interesting way to know what is up on twitter and the world, news..

 Picture show what it does. Gives you the trending topics like Ubama got a Nobel Peace Price, wow, what an accomplishment considering he was in office 11 days when he was chosen and  qualified! ....

google ajax